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Production system is internationally recognized
The company has applied for a number of patents and practical patents, including 6 invention patents and 16 utility model patents. The company was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and obtained the finance of Wuxi Science and Technology Innovation Fund. Subsidy, high score passed BRC/KOSHER/HALAL/ISO9001/ISO22000 international certification

China specializes in research and development, production of fast

lysine Plants

We have been committed to the development and production of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) powder, Instant Solution, and Granules for 20 years; the compounding of Essential Amino Acids (EAA); various L-Form, D-Form, and DL-Type Amino Acids; CBZ, BOC, FMOC-protected Amino Acids Conduct product development and production.

The company has a rigorous quality assurance system, passed the ISO9001, ISO22000 quality system certification, and has obtained BRC, KOSHER, HALAL international certification. Jinwei ammonia has become one of the well-known brands at home and abroad of BCAA and EAA. Among them, the instant BCAA was rated as a provincial high-tech product. The company has independent import and export rights, and the annual sales of single products have reached 100 million yuan.

ACERBLEND INGREDIENTS CO., LTD. was formerly known as Wuxi Jinwei Ammonia Biotechnology Co., Ltd. In 2017, it completed the expansion of assets and production capacity, laying a solid foundation for the company's future development planning. The company is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D and production of Amino Acid and Amino Acid Derivative products. The company produces BCAA series with excellent quality, and its production and sales ranks among the top three in the country. The products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea.
BCAA has the effect of promoting protein synthesis, as well as anti-decomposition, which is very important for people who are losing fat. People with reduced fat have lower Calorie intake per day......
BCAA, a Chinese translation for Branched-chain Amino Acids, refers to Amino Acids with a branched structure in the three molecular structures. These three Amino Acids are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine......
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